Users' Rights And Responsibilities

Users' Rights And Responsibilities


Right: Rights are defined as normative rules that are set by a legal jurisdiction and they are property of the people. They are something that every human being deserves, no matter where they comes from, where they were born or where they live.

Responsibility: The word responsibility is used to designate everything that is considered an obligation and it is done from a sense of moral obligation rather than for pleasure even if it’s not considered appropriate or adequate.

User: A person who uses a health institution to obtain diagnosis and treatment for their diseases.


The users have the right to:

1. Receive a dignified treatment, respect for  their beliefs, customs and opinions.

2. To choose freely the physician who is mainly in charge of their care, as well as the care team who will attend to them.

3. Take actions to agree or reject any treatment and have the right to self-expression and being respected.

4. Maintain strict confidentiality of their medical record,  diagnosis and treatment.

5. Receive constant communication with staff and to receive clear information.

6. Receive clear and timely information about their state of health, the services to be received, the risks of the treatment and the administrative costs and procedures necessary for their treatment.

7. Receive warm, timely and safe care through qualified personnel and with the right resources.

8. Refuse any procedure, drug or treatment and to be informed of the possible results of their decision.

9. To have company and  visits from family members.

10. To give priority to those under 18 years old, pregnant women, elders and people with disabilities.

11. Receive health services in conditions of hygiene, safety and respect for their privacy.

12. Receive or reject spiritual or moral support.

13. Respect their willingness to donate or not their organs.

14. Participate in the suggestions and complaints system for the treatment received, for which there is a suggestion box at the entrance of the institution and e-mail


The users have the responsibility to:

1. Take care of their health, their family and their community.

2. Treat the facility staff and other users with respect and courtesy.

3. Comply with the rules of admission to the facility; no weapons, no animals, no smoking, no alcoholic drinks and do not circulate through restricted areas.

4. Attend promptly to care meetings and procedures.

5. Provide complete and accurate information about their medical history and medication needs to those involved in their care.

6. Report your non-attendance to scheduled procedures in a timely manner.

7. Present the identification document, the complete and current documentation for the provision of the services.

8. Sign the informed consent form as authorization or denial of the treatment you will receive.

9. Follow the recommendations and indications given by the care team.

10. Comply with the payment and processing of the authorizations required to receive the care according to their benefit plan.

11. Be respectful of the facilities and resources provided for theirr treatment.

12. Be considerate of other patients and help ensure that their visitors are equally thoughtful in situations that endanger the life or health of people.

We are committed to protect the rights and responsibilities of our patients and their families.


Carta de derechos y deberes en los servicios de salud. Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social – Superintendencia de Salud.